General Arrangement Plans
by Bruce Beveridge

Titanic General Arrangement Plans in 1/350th scale.

Have you ever wondered what the internal arrangement of the post office looked like on Titanic? The 1st class pantry or 3rd class galley? The Captain’s quarters, or Scotland Road? The engine rooms and propeller shafting? What the size of the deck planking was in the well decks?

For the first time ever you can look inside the Titanic’s hull and envision how she may have looked from the passenger and crew’s viewpoint. The Titanic General Arrangement plan covers each deck in magnificent detail, showing doors, furniture, alleyways, machinery and even the individual portholes for every part of the ship. With the frame numbers indicated for each deck, this offering is quit literally an overload of information.

Drawn by Titanic historian Bruce Beveridge with the expert assistance of Scott Andrews and Daniel Klistorner, you will not see anything of this magnitude anywhere else.

Also featured is a guide to Titanic’s windows that indicates the size of each pattern used on the weather decks taken straight from a Harland & Wolff specification book on the Olympic. The size of each porthole is represented, along with external doors and stairs. A key is provided to identify the specific internal fittings and abbreviations, which includes water closets, upholstered sofas and settees, wall seats, wash basins, dressers, wardrobes and more.

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