Titanic CAD-Plans
by Robert Hahn

The plans featured below are recommended for scratchbuilders or anyone in general who is interested in the accurate technical side of the ships.

These plans are truly the most detailed plans available for the modeler, hobbyist or Titanic enthusiast. They incorporate all of the details discussed on the message boards that fall within reason of showing on a set of plans at this scale. The first page showing the starboard profile, over head, bow and stern are impressive enough to frame and can be bought separately. The deckhouses are shown in detail with five sides. The hull is drawn in easy cross sections to facilitate the scratchbuilder. The forecastle and poop decks have all structures incorporated such as the steam control wheels ,waterways and even the portable telephone mounts. The well decks show the removable gangway doors and the fair lead rollers as well as other pertinent structures. Included is a detailed vent and cowl orientation guide showing each vent on all four sides. I made every attempt to have Robert add as much detail as possible. I will not call these plans "definitive" as there are no definitive plans just as there is no definitive model. I will say that they are the best available! These plans are the culmination of all my research. They are my web page and my inventory guide. They are the form of media that I chose to be the carrier of my work.