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45485, RE: Titanic interior works
Posted by Roy Mengot, Mon Mar-19-12 02:12 PM
The trimmers would be able to start in June of 1911. My guess is that the stair cases would be roughed out early that summer so the trimmers could move materials around. The finish work would likely be early in 1912.

The whole floor area of the ship was first covered with Harding's Litosilo, a sort of cement cover to provide a smooth floor in all populated areas of the ship. Some of that may have been done prior to launch but I doubt it. Even after launch, the plumbing, electrical, and ventilation men may have installed their stuff before the trimmers could start putting up floors and walls.

The area above the engine room and turbine room had large holes all the way to the boat deck. The engines and boilers were lowered in and installed and then the decks were closed and finished above them. Interior work there probably started in the fall of 1911, but would have started in other areas earlier.

The interiors were probably being competed around Feb-Mar of 1912. Furniture had to be made, delivered, and installed to areas as the woodwork was completed.

Hope that helps.

Roy Mengot
TRMA Trustee