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Topic subjectRE: modelling the ocean floor for a wreck model
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45956, RE: modelling the ocean floor for a wreck model
Posted by Deep Quest, Fri Apr-13-12 04:42 PM

Eric, how I told before, the concrete dust is not absolutely the best solution. This is only an attempt for to reproduce the ocean floor without paints, water or other. Probably is realistic, but not the best.

Consider that the thickness is approximately of 1mm, the model will be inside a box. Even if there is a minimum quantity of dust, will not be possible to breathe it.

About other solution, (I don't know if you read it) in my previous post I indicated this material:
- http://english.fila.it/brands/das/products/das-blocks.aspx
This product is ready for to be shaped without water and can be easly painted.

Thanks for your comments because any indication is very appreciated

Best regards