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Topic subjectThe Titanic "bug": when did it bite you?
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46063, The Titanic "bug": when did it bite you?
Posted by Kodos, Mon Apr-16-12 10:48 AM
Hey folks,

After this past weekend of the centennial; which for myself included changing my computer wallpaper, a glass of wine, and getting out my old tape of 'A Night to Remember', I started wondering how I got interested in the ship in the first place.

After much mental rummaging, I remembered! I was living in Lakenheath, England at the time and my Dad and I watched an old disaster show called "Havoc". Every week it was a different topic: weather, volcanoes, or shipwrecks. Of course, any British show about shipwrecks is going to include Big T.

Not long after, I visited my grandmother and Aunt in Michigan, and up in her attic wre a bunch of paperback novels, including Clive Cussler's "Raise the Titanic". From then on, I was hooked.

Anyone else recall how it was for them?


Karl //
"There is no divorcing the Titanic. EVER." - Charles Pellegrino