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Topic subjectRE: 3D Printed Propellers
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54753, RE: 3D Printed Propellers
Posted by endare, Thu Mar-09-17 04:29 AM
hi Alex,

Many people have contacted me regarding these props. I've had a modelling error with the 3-bladed centre propeller that made me put the project to one side for a moment, and then I was inundated with work. I think I've finally resolved the problem, hopefully the props will all go up on Shapeways soon.

As with any hobby, I come back to it when I can. My day job involves a lot of 3D modelling. When I come home late at night it's a real drag to get back on the machine and grind out the hours modelling away. And with any hobby, you need to take time away from it so you can come back refreshed and inspired.

I want to get to all of the requests. I will. It just takes time.