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54944, RE: Titanic 3D model project
Posted by Ralph Currell, Tue Apr-11-17 12:57 PM
Hi Bill,

It seems the whole engine was lengthened by 9". As best I can tell from the plans it was lengthened toward the forward bulkhead (and possibly also an inch or so aft; the plans aren't precise enough to say for sure).

Here are the dimensions as given in TTSM vol.1 pg.304:

Cylinder-valve distances:
ALP 6' 11-3/8"
IP 7' 2"
HP 7' 0"
FLP 6' 11-3/8"

Cylinder-Cylinder distances:
ALP-IP 15' 4-1/2"
IP-HP 20' 0"
HP-FLP 15' 4-1/2"

I believe these came from the Olympic drawing office notes (aka the "Andrews Notebook") but they should be correct for Titanic also.