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55307, RE: Boiler Room #1 questions
Posted by SteveFury, Thu Jul-06-17 11:22 PM
Thanks Ralph.

I had a bit of time so I changed the Z channel to a flat plate and removed the Orlop-level horizontal web:

Looks better I think:

Been experimenting with the uptake tonight. I'll probably re-do it to get rid of its boxiness.
Wow that's going to be a tight fit for a catwalk stairs up along the bunker wall. A hair singe-er for sure!
Never mind the funky texturing:

This is NOT a space I'd like to spend a Titanic vacation in. The camera height is about 5'6" above the future catwalk. Watch your head!:

Here's my model profile superimposed over the Britannic plan, if you can make it out. Note that I don't have all the ceiling beams in place yet:

Looks like there's room for a catwalk pathway near the shell plating area, and through the gap of the uptake along the starboard main steam pipe passage. The orange line measures 6'8". I think that may be why they made the cut in the uptake so high:

You can see the tall passage here:

G'night..Thanks for looking.