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Posted by TRMA, Sun Jan-21-07 09:53 PM
NOTICE: This forum is for ship models, or items directley related to ships - artwork etc. Any postings that are off subject will be deleted without notice.

Because of bandwidth issues with the server, we are asking that modelers please use an outside server source to post images. Here are instructions for one such example:

To post images on the forum you will first need to go to a hosting website such as Photobucket (www.photobucket.com). Once there, if you do not have an account with them all you have to do is follow the simple directions for signing up.

Once you have an account and you have signed in, you can begin uploading to their site. All you have to do is click the "Choose" button in the little blue box (circled below), a window will open for you to find the file you wish to post on the thread. Then all you do is click to put the picture in your album. If you'd like to post more than one image there is also a link to do so.

Then copy the IMG link (circled below) into your message and it will post along with your message on the forums.

The following is a short list of some image hosting sites. Their sites might be setup slightly different but they will have directions.

ImageShack - http://imageshack.us/

Free Image Hosting - www.imagehosting.com

Image Venue - www.imagevenue.com

ImageCave - www.imagecave.com