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Topic subjectElang Erlangga's 1/350 Titanic Waterline
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9236, Elang Erlangga's 1/350 Titanic Waterline
Posted by ElangErlangga, Sun Jan-01-17 06:20 PM
Happy New Year 2017 to all of you !!!

This is my "nearly completed" model was a diorama of Titanic depicted after leaving Queenstown April 11, 1912 at 20 Knots... My Titanic was 1/350 scale minicraft model. I used both TMM and GMM PE, many scratchbuild parts, PE Passengers, Flytying Thread for the rigging, I mixed all of the paints (using Acrylic water-based paints) like the WSB, deck color and etc, large surfaces are painted with spray can. I have studied all of the references i could find.. and I applied many newly found evidences for accuracy such as Hexagons boxes to store the Emergency Cutters falls, and many more.. The water was made a kind of plaster from materials available around me.. Please Enjoy!

Best Regards,