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9404, RE: Elang Erlangga's 1/350 Titanic Waterline
Posted by Art Braunschweiger, Sat Mar-18-17 10:43 AM

you asked for more comments from me, but it would be over-critical to point out anything beyond the suggestions I've noted. Anything that shows your model to be a model (and not a real ship) once you get close up beyond a certain point, is only a matter of improving your technique with all the various aspects of building a model like this. If you were to build this same model again, it would come out even better and you'd see that it would look even "cleaner" up close in many ways.

Below you can see how good your model looks once you put it in the format of a period photograph. Here's an underexposed shot of your ship sailing into the sunset. At a quick glance, many people wouldn't realize they're not seeing the real thing.