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Topic subjectOcean Liner Books for sale
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172, Ocean Liner Books for sale
Posted by William W. Young, Tue Feb-09-10 07:37 PM
I will sell the following books for the stated prices , plus the actual cost of mailing them to you. If you E-Mail me and tell me you want to buy one or more of these books and include your full name and address . I will find out the actual cost to mail them to you and you can add that cost to the cost of the book or books.I have priced these at what I believe to be very reasonable prices. Enjoy.
"The Tragedy of the Lusitania" Memorial Edition published 1915, in excellent condition $15.00
" Sinking of the Titanic" the worlds greatest sea disaster official edition edited by Thomas H. Russell,A.M.,LL.D.copyright 1912, in excellent condition $15.00
"Steamship conquest of the World" by Frederick A. Talbot J.B.Lippincott Co.October 1912, excellent condition $10.00
"A Merchant Fleet at War" by Archibald Hurd Cassell and Co. LTD. 1920 with color plates of paintings inside, excellent condition $15.00

" The Last Voyage of the Lusitania" by A.A. Hoehling and Mary Hoehling, second printing May 1956 with dust jacket, near perfect condition. $15.00

My E-Mail is mercguy1@aol.com
I will accept your personal check ,held till clearing and then I will ship books.
Bill Young