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Question about the crow's nest and its construction. [View all]Matt OBrien, Oct 09th 2014, 6 Replies

Titanic 1/400 kits [View all]gleason, Oct 09th 2014, 1 Replies

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Joint of plates in upper and lower stern knuckles [View all]squalobianco, Oct 08th 2014, 4 Replies

Do we know what Britannic's grandstaircase would look like? [View all]BritannicSpecialist, Oct 07th 2014, 1 Replies

Lusitania wreck exploration [View all]nrg710, Oct 06th 2014, 3 Replies

Minicraft 1/350 [View all]John Clay, Oct 04th 2014, 2 Replies

Measurement Conversion Chart for Round Stock [View all]JeffT, Oct 03rd 2014, 2 Replies

Prow hawsepipe [View all]squalobianco, Oct 03rd 2014, 11 Replies

Lifeboat Capacity [View all]bpread, Oct 03rd 2014, 3 Replies

Need help - which funnel is which? [View all]JeffT, Oct 02nd 2014, 2 Replies

PE bench jig for shape??? [View all]bflynn2159, Oct 02nd 2014, 18 Replies

Lifeboat objects [View all]bpread, Oct 02nd 2014, 24 Replies

Another Look at Titanic's 30 ft. Lifeboat Sail Plan [View all]bpread, Oct 01st 2014, 4 Replies

Olympic Class Hull Shape [View all]BritannicSpecialist, Sep 29th 2014, 0 Replies
Titanic triple expansion engine model, progress video [View all]atlantic run, Sep 25th 2014, 5 Replies

Abbreviation Meaning [View all]bpread, Sep 25th 2014, 4 Replies

Was Britannic EVER in White Star Livery? [View all]BritannicSpecialist, Sep 23rd 2014, 4 Replies

Olympic/ Britannic conversion kits 1:250 [View all]Hilux5972, Sep 21st 2014, 3 Replies

Myster box new's ?? [View all]leon, Sep 20th 2014, 4 Replies

Mysterie box [View all]Cyril.Codus, Sep 20th 2014, 7 Replies

the grand staircase [View all]DoctorJacobi, Sep 18th 2014, 3 Replies

why was my thread deleted????? [View all]DoctorJacobi, Sep 18th 2014, 6 Replies

Lifeboat weight [View all]bpread, Sep 17th 2014, 9 Replies

Brown's Telemotor [View all]Bill West, Sep 17th 2014, 3 Replies

Mauretania (1907) Boat Deck Buttresses [View all]Phillip1960, Sep 16th 2014, 0 Replies
Any Builders In Southern California? [View all]TitanicStoker, Sep 15th 2014, 0 Replies
B Deck first class corridors [View all]Hilux5972, Sep 13th 2014, 2 Replies

Rc components? Centenial 1/350 Minicraft Titanic [View all]Jbaaron, Sep 09th 2014, 0 Replies
Titanic Bridge Bulwark dimensions [View all]Hilux5972, Sep 08th 2014, 1 Replies

Theoretical question about Murray's disengaging gear [View all]bpread, Sep 07th 2014, 1 Replies

Can still be a little discovery unimportant! [View all]leon, Sep 05th 2014, 3 Replies

Another Look at "Dark Mast" [View all]bpread, Sep 05th 2014, 6 Replies

Sheer/hb plan - Peter Davis-Garner [View all]shoestring, Sep 05th 2014, 1 Replies

Titanic 1/350 Wood Decks [View all]mhanson, Sep 04th 2014, 0 Replies

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