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Olympic kit now moving forward into production [View all]Art Braunschweiger, Dec 26th 2016, 14 Replies

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Drilling Portholes [View all]BlakeKniffin, Dec 26th 2016, 4 Replies

Titanic Model Help [View all]JonRussell, Dec 25th 2016, 3 Replies

QM & QE anti-fouling paint color [View all]BlakeKniffin, Dec 21st 2016, 0 Replies
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Obtaining Spare Academy Titanic parts [View all]ChrisCMR, Dec 20th 2016, 2 Replies

Measurements of Britannic's Gantry Davits and Boat Racks [View all]ChrisCMR, Dec 18th 2016, 5 Replies

Ocean Liner Models Conversion Kits (Olympic/Britannic) [View all]BlakeKniffin, Dec 15th 2016, 2 Replies

Olympic Wood Deck Color [View all]BlakeKniffin, Dec 15th 2016, 0 Replies
Titanic's Hull Number Questions [View all]wolfgangelessar, Dec 12th 2016, 21 Replies

Any Tips on Wrecksite Weathering/Marine Life? [View all]Mr.Quagmire, Dec 12th 2016, 1 Replies

1:250 Titanic Fittings/PE [View all]11BWeekendWarrior, Dec 10th 2016, 0 Replies
Buying Cyril Codus's HMHS Britannic plans [View all]ChrisCMR, Dec 07th 2016, 1 Replies

Hobby Poxy [View all]William W. Young, Dec 05th 2016, 0 Replies
window patterns [View all]torro, Dec 03rd 2016, 5 Replies

Big Piece hull structure [View all]Ralph Currell, Dec 03rd 2016, 3 Replies

Designing Custom-Etched Brass Parts - 1:350/1:400 Britannic & Olympic [View all]ChrisCMR, Nov 28th 2016, 5 Replies

Britannic's Centennial [View all]Mr.Quagmire, Nov 27th 2016, 5 Replies

Superb 1:400 Titanic detail set available from Australian model shop [View all]ChrisCMR, Nov 25th 2016, 0 Replies
Changes to the Belfast pumphouse. [View all]Jerry Vondeling, Nov 25th 2016, 10 Replies

Framing Plans [View all]s-bguzik, Nov 24th 2016, 1 Replies

Minicraft Olympic troopship model [View all]Art Braunschweiger, Nov 23rd 2016, 5 Replies

Able new photo of HMHS Britannic. [View all]William B. Barney, Nov 20th 2016, 6 Replies

Britannic skylight. [View all]Cyril.Codus, Nov 19th 2016, 2 Replies

Steam tug Daniel Adamson after restoration [View all]Ralph Currell, Nov 16th 2016, 2 Replies

Olympic scrapping photos [View all]Ralph Currell, Nov 15th 2016, 8 Replies

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