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New discoveries by my brother Cyril Codus. [View all]leon, Mar 15th 2014, 3 Replies

Nomadic hull frames spacing [View all]BlackseaClown, Mar 14th 2014, 5 Replies

TRMA Decals [View all]VonHoldinghausen, Mar 14th 2014, 4 Replies

Boat Gripes [View all]bpread, Mar 14th 2014, 7 Replies

The book in which many rare photos of interiors RMS Titanic and RMS Olympic [View all]Thomas Cros, Mar 13th 2014, 5 Replies

Gunze Lusitania [View all]VonHoldinghausen, Mar 13th 2014, 30 Replies

Titanic's starboard bow wreck nameplate 2010/2012 mosaic scan [View all]Jonathan, Mar 12th 2014, 65 Replies

Fixing Wooden Decking [View all]MikeDenny, Mar 11th 2014, 4 Replies

Olympic's Keel Bar - Full Length Photo [View all]tucky, Mar 09th 2014, 1 Replies

TTSM Vol 1 - Chap 1 - Scrive/Beveling Boards [View all]country_rob, Mar 09th 2014, 2 Replies

TTSM Vol 1 - Chap 1 - Reverse Frame [View all]country_rob, Mar 08th 2014, 2 Replies

TTSM Vol 1 - Chap 1 - Q&A I [View all]country_rob, Mar 08th 2014, 3 Replies

Lifeboat chainplates for mast shrouds [View all]bpread, Mar 06th 2014, 12 Replies

1/570 Titanic fitment problem, any ideas? [View all]bluewavecaptain, Mar 05th 2014, 4 Replies

Titanics size [View all]VonHoldinghausen, Mar 02nd 2014, 1 Replies

Remembered on 100 years ago that day Britannic launch! [View all]William B. Barney, Mar 01st 2014, 2 Replies

Need help on 1/72 Titanic model [View all]nhbradio, Mar 01st 2014, 0 Replies
Normandie's plan's out [View all]Laurent, Mar 01st 2014, 26 Replies

The Merseyside Maritime Museum model? [View all]Henry J., Feb 27th 2014, 25 Replies

Planking strakes on Olympic/Titanic 25 ft. cutters [View all]bpread, Feb 27th 2014, 4 Replies

During the Britannic lanuching... . What flag she used? [View all]William B. Barney, Feb 26th 2014, 4 Replies

"Reefer White" discoloring over time. Anyone experience this? [View all]Matt OBrien, Feb 25th 2014, 14 Replies

New Minicraft 1/350 Olympic kit [View all]bpread, Feb 24th 2014, 18 Replies

Acrylic AND Enamel [View all]VonHoldinghausen, Feb 22nd 2014, 6 Replies

Decals [View all]John Clay, Feb 20th 2014, 2 Replies

Primer Question [View all]bluewavecaptain, Feb 20th 2014, 5 Replies

The Clipper City of Adelaide: a Harland and Wolff connection? [View all]Spellbinder99, Feb 19th 2014, 1 Replies

HMHS Brittanic [View all]AndyDenny, Feb 13th 2014, 2 Replies

Titanic Smoke Unit [View all]gcarr979, Feb 10th 2014, 1 Replies

Nice diorama [View all]VonHoldinghausen, Feb 08th 2014, 2 Replies

Soon a model SS Normandie Kit Scale: 1/350 th! [View all]leon, Feb 04th 2014, 11 Replies

airbrush kit [View all]georgestitanic, Feb 04th 2014, 3 Replies

Titanic Newel Post [View all]Marcel Johnpulle, Feb 04th 2014, 0 Replies
Water-tight door systems on earlier ships. [View all]Jason, Feb 03rd 2014, 8 Replies

Titanic Paint and Color Reference [View all]Harm, Feb 01st 2014, 1 Replies

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