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Need help from super sleuths. [View all]bpread, Apr 10th 2015, 47 Replies

Installing lifeboats 1 & 2 [View all]Richard Robison, Apr 09th 2015, 6 Replies

Anniversary approaching [View all]William W. Young, Apr 08th 2015, 5 Replies

Request for info... [View all]gleason, Apr 05th 2015, 2 Replies

technical position impact on HMHS Britannic's hull for any painter on canvas? / position technique impacte sur la coque du H... [View all]leon, Apr 04th 2015, 9 Replies

Olympic gangway to poop deck - when was it added? [View all]Ralph Currell, Apr 03rd 2015, 25 Replies

External lighting [View all]Lewismd, Mar 30th 2015, 6 Replies

Olympic Vents of post 1912-13 refit [View all]bpread, Mar 30th 2015, 9 Replies

Update of dates of post 1912/13 Olympic refit photos [View all]bpread, Mar 29th 2015, 2 Replies

RMS Olympic: outside changes Maiden Voyage - WW I [View all]Michael 400, Mar 29th 2015, 7 Replies

Should I sell my uncompleted Titanic stern section wreck!? [View all]William B. Barney, Mar 27th 2015, 9 Replies

numbers [View all]lauraoonaeemeli, Mar 24th 2015, 4 Replies

Olympic (1913) Bridge Roof and Bridge Wing Cab Roofs [View all]Michael 400, Mar 24th 2015, 8 Replies

Raised hatch coamings Olympic (1913) [View all]Michael 400, Mar 24th 2015, 21 Replies

Railing - Gym roof aft [View all]Jason King, Mar 23rd 2015, 2 Replies

Academy kit ?? [View all]lauraoonaeemeli, Mar 22nd 2015, 8 Replies

Relatives [View all]lauraoonaeemeli, Mar 19th 2015, 1 Replies

Third class entrance and bar doors and Fine Arts Titanic [View all]bianco64squalo, Mar 19th 2015, 10 Replies

mincraft titanic v minicraft centenial edition / current 2015 condition of wreck [View all]Austy, Mar 19th 2015, 3 Replies

Lighted vs. Non-Lighted model? [View all]captainjack, Mar 18th 2015, 17 Replies

Minicraft Olympic [View all]Austy, Mar 18th 2015, 1 Replies

Anyone own a copy of Thearle - The modern practice of shipbuilding in iron and steel? [View all]Jason, Mar 17th 2015, 6 Replies

Builders Plate [View all]Hilux5972, Mar 13th 2015, 8 Replies

Random thoughts re; docking stations, paint scarring, deck 'clutter', & manual WT hatches [View all]Kodos, Mar 11th 2015, 7 Replies

order fine steel wire>> [View all]bflynn2159, Mar 09th 2015, 38 Replies

Olympic shafts - angles? [View all]Jason, Mar 04th 2015, 34 Replies

warning sign on the stern [View all]lauraoonaeemeli, Mar 02nd 2015, 4 Replies

UPDATE: Titanic in Photographs book [View all]Art Braunschweiger, Mar 02nd 2015, 68 Replies

Applying decals [View all]titanicinfoseeker, Feb 28th 2015, 1 Replies

Beautiful photo [View all]squalobianco, Feb 27th 2015, 13 Replies

1/144th scale photo-etched riveted shell-plating [View all]Peter Davies-Garner, Feb 24th 2015, 55 Replies

The Infamous Newbie Question... [View all]MIS729, Feb 24th 2015, 6 Replies

removing burrs from inside after drilling out portholes? [View all]captainjack, Feb 24th 2015, 4 Replies

Please visit my Queen Mary website [View all]Titanicgeek1912, Feb 24th 2015, 6 Replies

Titanic: Honor and Glory [View all]Bsimon, Feb 23rd 2015, 0 Replies

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