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Did the anchor have HINGLEY. NETHERTON on it or HINGLEY, NETHERTON. written on it? [View all]TitanicLover401, Jun 20th 2014, 5 Replies

Reciprocating Engine Room pipes and other stuff. [View all]Charles_CH, Jun 20th 2014, 2 Replies

The White Star Magazine [View all]Paul_Lee, Jun 17th 2014, 7 Replies

Post card of Campania [View all]Jason, Jun 16th 2014, 1 Replies

The Up date for my model Lusitania scale 1/300 Th [View all]leon, Jun 15th 2014, 0 Replies
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Antifouling Color [View all]TitanicStoker, Jun 13th 2014, 44 Replies

Which Cabins Had Private Bathrooms? [View all]TitanicLover401, Jun 13th 2014, 4 Replies

Lifeboats [View all]EarlyFan, Jun 13th 2014, 1 Replies

Coal Burning [View all]Jason, Jun 13th 2014, 6 Replies

Ladder on Britannic's Stern? [View all]Britannic-Specialist, Jun 10th 2014, 4 Replies

How much soap and tallow were used to lubricate the slipway for the launch? [View all]TitanicLover401, Jun 09th 2014, 2 Replies

Hard A Starboard! [View all]TitanicLover401, Jun 09th 2014, 10 Replies

Olympic's 1913/1914 Boat Arrangement Improvements [View all]Michael 400, Jun 09th 2014, 10 Replies

Boat winch sizes on Olympic [View all]Ralph Currell, Jun 08th 2014, 13 Replies

Color of Olympic class steam winches [View all]bpread, Jun 07th 2014, 3 Replies

Does this paint look good for anti-fouling? [View all]TitanicLover401, Jun 06th 2014, 8 Replies

Bill Sauder's Titanic Plans [View all]wolfgangelessar, Jun 06th 2014, 6 Replies

Shipbuilder Reprints ? [View all]04retro, Jun 06th 2014, 8 Replies

Discovery on the ship R.M.S. Lusitania [View all]leon, Jun 05th 2014, 1 Replies

Color of interior of hawse lip casting [View all]bpread, Jun 05th 2014, 12 Replies

The Center Propeller Had 3 Blades, Not 4? [View all]TitanicLover401, Jun 05th 2014, 3 Replies

2 Verandah Cafes? [View all]TitanicLover401, Jun 05th 2014, 2 Replies

rigging question [View all]ElangErlangga, Jun 04th 2014, 11 Replies

Antifouling propeller. [View all]Cyril.Codus, Jun 04th 2014, 6 Replies

Color of steam winches on Titanic and Olympic before WW1 [View all]Michael 400, Jun 04th 2014, 8 Replies

Boiler Room 1 [View all]TitanicLover401, Jun 03rd 2014, 4 Replies

A 'titanic' discovery - Genuine Hingley Anchor [View all]Jonathan, Jun 01st 2014, 13 Replies

Planks of wood. [View all]Cyril.Codus, Jun 01st 2014, 11 Replies

Titanic and port names at stern are diferent with the sheer line color. new find? [View all]ElangErlangga, May 31st 2014, 2 Replies

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