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Film shot of Olympic [View all]William W. Young, Jul 05th 2015, 9 Replies

Large Wooden Travel Agent's Model [View all]greg12580, Jul 04th 2015, 8 Replies

Main discharge opening [View all]bianco64squalo, Jul 02nd 2015, 19 Replies

Front view of pipping titanic 401 Plan? [View all]leon, Jun 28th 2015, 1 Replies

Britannic in "Mountain of Diamonds" [View all]Mr.Quagmire, Jun 26th 2015, 5 Replies

James Horner [View all]J. Kent Layton, Jun 22nd 2015, 2 Replies

New Aquitania Photos [View all]Bsimon, Jun 22nd 2015, 5 Replies

Mauritania broken for scrap [View all]magnolias, Jun 22nd 2015, 16 Replies

Updated 3D Mauretania interior is beautiful! [View all]leon, Jun 22nd 2015, 2 Replies

Ash ejector hull doors [View all]bianco64squalo, Jun 22nd 2015, 2 Replies

need help, what scale model railway boat for titanic diorama??? [View all]brendan289, Jun 19th 2015, 6 Replies

White Star builder's models [View all]genesisdevice, Jun 18th 2015, 12 Replies

I researched the Telegraph of the navigation bridge on the Lusitania ? [View all]leon, Jun 16th 2015, 17 Replies

1/144th scale resin items available [View all]Peter Davies-Garner, Jun 15th 2015, 44 Replies

Lifeboat Canvas Color [View all]Bob McFarlane, Jun 14th 2015, 13 Replies

Brown's Telemotor [View all]Bill West, Jun 13th 2015, 6 Replies

Plates under lower stern knuckle [View all]bianco64squalo, Jun 12th 2015, 7 Replies

Need some paint advice for 2015 (U.S.) [View all]Chad E. Cowan, Jun 08th 2015, 12 Replies

Cavitation [View all]Marco Tulner, Jun 07th 2015, 6 Replies

RMS Olympic 1911 question [View all]JasonM, Jun 05th 2015, 4 Replies

vent next to stern mast ? [View all]lauraoonaeemeli, Jun 04th 2015, 4 Replies

3D Printing [View all]monkey95, Jun 02nd 2015, 28 Replies

Titanic Last Sight? [View all]ElangErlangga, Jun 01st 2015, 6 Replies

cardboard Titanic. [View all]lauraoonaeemeli, May 26th 2015, 14 Replies

Any new 1/350 "liner" kits coming out? [View all]bluewavecaptain, May 25th 2015, 4 Replies

Titanic iron drawings [View all]WLSartore, May 20th 2015, 5 Replies

Vaterland/Bismarck 1/350 Frame Plan [View all]Mr.Quagmire, May 19th 2015, 2 Replies

Aquitania [View all]Mr.Quagmire, May 19th 2015, 7 Replies

Rivet Counter web site [View all]Dave Abate, May 16th 2015, 23 Replies

Funnel Stays [View all]deco, May 12th 2015, 12 Replies

Forecastle capstans [View all]ewillia777, May 12th 2015, 6 Replies

Britannic Conversion [View all]tmgarmon, May 12th 2015, 11 Replies

Hull grating [View all]bianco64squalo, May 12th 2015, 4 Replies

Titanic triple expansion engine model [View all]atlantic run, May 11th 2015, 3 Replies

Paint Reference thread deleted [View all]TRMA, May 10th 2015, 0 Replies

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