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Titanic Sinking Anniversary Chat [View all]T Dyer, Apr 12th 2016, 0 Replies
H&W Olympic/Titanic Iron Work plan copies? [View all]martimous, Apr 11th 2016, 0 Replies
Position of stairway in forward well deck [View all]bianco64squalo, Apr 11th 2016, 3 Replies

Britannic conversion. [View all]djhughes, Apr 10th 2016, 2 Replies

Need help identifying a ship - again...! [View all]Jason, Apr 10th 2016, 8 Replies

Forward well deck doors dimensions [View all]bianco64squalo, Apr 08th 2016, 2 Replies

Well deck dutch door [View all]bianco64squalo, Apr 07th 2016, 2 Replies

Something I've Noticed [View all]Mr.Quagmire, Apr 06th 2016, 2 Replies

400-1 Deck Iron Plans [View all]Travis Feutz, Apr 06th 2016, 2 Replies

hi forum NEED help advice asap [View all]lermi86, Apr 04th 2016, 12 Replies

marconi aerials [View all]lauraoonaeemeli, Apr 03rd 2016, 2 Replies

Scuppers [View all]bianco64squalo, Apr 02nd 2016, 3 Replies

hi forum NEED help advice asap [View all]lermi86, Apr 01st 2016, 0 Replies
Sirocco fan suction 30 inch. [View all]Cyril.Codus, Mar 31st 2016, 2 Replies

Low moorings [View all]bianco64squalo, Mar 30th 2016, 3 Replies

Tank shoes [View all]martimous, Mar 29th 2016, 3 Replies

PhD Dissertation looking for inof on IMM [View all]Jeff Brown at USF, Mar 22nd 2016, 5 Replies

Well deck wash ports (a.k.a. freeing ports) [View all]Ralph Currell, Mar 21st 2016, 8 Replies

came up with a idea that maybe a game changer for 1/400th titanic model re yellow strip [View all]lermi86, Mar 20th 2016, 2 Replies

Welldeck's bulwark plates thickness [View all]bianco64squalo, Mar 18th 2016, 8 Replies

jono s 1/400th titanic build [View all]lermi86, Mar 17th 2016, 1 Replies

word to the wise [View all]William W. Young, Mar 11th 2016, 8 Replies

Waterways [View all]bianco64squalo, Mar 07th 2016, 6 Replies

Planking titanic hull [View all]titanica, Mar 05th 2016, 4 Replies

Riveting plan [View all]jsand42, Mar 04th 2016, 6 Replies

Current condition of wreck ? [View all]Austy, Mar 04th 2016, 1 Replies

Water valves on decks [View all]Art Braunschweiger, Mar 03rd 2016, 11 Replies

Can anyone tell me anything about this photograph? [View all]Jason, Mar 02nd 2016, 14 Replies

Studded anchor link chain [View all]usgecko, Mar 01st 2016, 3 Replies

Bells [View all]lauraoonaeemeli, Feb 29th 2016, 4 Replies

Titanic's cutters [View all]Art Braunschweiger, Feb 21st 2016, 5 Replies

1/144 model [View all]Titanic5972, Feb 20th 2016, 2 Replies

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