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Coaling port [View all]bianco64squalo, Nov 26th 2015, 3 Replies

1:350 Titanic wood decking [View all]dayzofspeed, Nov 23rd 2015, 3 Replies

double post pls remove [View all]dayzofspeed, Nov 22nd 2015, 0 Replies
Foamcore Good for Ship's Ribs? [View all]Mr.Quagmire, Nov 21st 2015, 0 Replies
minicraft titanic 1/350 pe [View all]dayzofspeed, Nov 20th 2015, 9 Replies

H & W Liner Plans [View all]Bsimon, Nov 15th 2015, 6 Replies

Titanic Interior Colours [View all]Decima_ZA, Nov 12th 2015, 3 Replies

Rivet Decals [View all]Titanic5972, Nov 10th 2015, 1 Replies

Reiforcement plate on V strake [View all]bianco64squalo, Nov 05th 2015, 3 Replies

Plates near keel [View all]bianco64squalo, Nov 05th 2015, 4 Replies

Engine Plans [View all]maschilke20, Nov 03rd 2015, 6 Replies

Docking Bridge Underside [View all]endare, Nov 03rd 2015, 22 Replies

Drain pipes on aft well decks [View all]bianco64squalo, Nov 03rd 2015, 9 Replies

Waterline Titanic - how do u make realistic water ? [View all]Austy, Nov 02nd 2015, 1 Replies

Reciprocating engines CAD plans [View all]bshajari, Oct 30th 2015, 6 Replies

Shipbuilding film - Birth of a Liner (1928) [View all]Ralph Currell, Oct 28th 2015, 5 Replies

Research article on Titanic's docking signals [View all]Ralph Currell, Oct 26th 2015, 2 Replies

PE for 1/570 & 1/600 [View all]Vsailor, Oct 17th 2015, 1 Replies

PE for 1/570 & 1/600 [View all]Vsailor, Oct 16th 2015, 0 Replies
PE for 1/570 & 1/600 [View all]Vsailor, Oct 16th 2015, 0 Replies
SS America [View all]Mr.Quagmire, Oct 14th 2015, 0 Replies
Olympic Plan [View all]Richie, Oct 14th 2015, 5 Replies

Toms Windows [View all]VonHoldinghausen, Oct 08th 2015, 5 Replies

Harland & Wolff shipbuilding footage, in colour [View all]Ralph Currell, Oct 05th 2015, 4 Replies

Titanic triple expansion engine model [View all]atlantic run, Sep 29th 2015, 6 Replies

Minicraft versions [View all]Vsailor, Sep 29th 2015, 7 Replies

Olympic Titanic's Sister [View all]William W. Young, Sep 27th 2015, 13 Replies

PE set info sheets for Titanic (may be of interest to some) [View all]Jonathan, Sep 21st 2015, 2 Replies

Allen Luckhurst [View all]kylemesker, Sep 16th 2015, 6 Replies

A unique perspective on White Star Buff [View all]Art Braunschweiger, Sep 14th 2015, 5 Replies

The Shape of Titanic's Boiler Rooms. [View all]inyo22, Sep 13th 2015, 12 Replies

Question on vents on 2nd class enclosed promenade (for Bob) [View all]oepinzong, Sep 13th 2015, 4 Replies

New Captain of the web page Captain Daniel Hamilton [View all]CaptainDaniel23, Sep 11th 2015, 2 Replies

Need help determining which Minicraft 1/350 scale kit to purchase. [View all]Silly_me, Sep 08th 2015, 6 Replies

Tom Model Works set #3511 [View all]titanicinfoseeker, Sep 07th 2015, 2 Replies

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