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Bridge and Engine Room discrepancies at the Inquiry [View all]SteveFury, Apr 19th 2017, 3 Replies

Kristal Klear or acetate/ anchor hawse pipes [View all]Austy, Apr 16th 2017, 1 Replies

condenser discharges [View all]Austy, Apr 16th 2017, 1 Replies

Welin davits [View all]s-bguzik, Apr 15th 2017, 0 Replies
Hull doors [View all]Austy, Apr 15th 2017, 1 Replies

Olympic dining chair [View all]Bill West, Apr 15th 2017, 0 Replies
The titanic channel [View all]khokhar1912, Apr 15th 2017, 1 Replies

Academy 1/400 Titanic Premier edition instruction sheets [View all]bobmech2, Apr 13th 2017, 0 Replies
Titanic deck supports [View all]s-bguzik, Apr 13th 2017, 37 Replies

Titanic Sinking Anniversary Chat 2017 [View all]T Dyer, Apr 10th 2017, 0 Replies
Wheel House Furnishings [View all]Jason, Apr 10th 2017, 7 Replies

WSL sheds [View all]Jason, Apr 09th 2017, 8 Replies

Transverse frame dimensions [View all]jsand42, Apr 09th 2017, 5 Replies

Anchor chains /First class entrance doors/ Dulcote /plastic prep solution [View all]Austy, Apr 08th 2017, 3 Replies

Mini Brass 1/350 [View all]JasonM, Apr 06th 2017, 5 Replies

First class entrance doors [View all]Austy, Apr 06th 2017, 1 Replies

Dining Saloon Pattern [View all]s-bguzik, Apr 05th 2017, 7 Replies

Drilling out of portholes 1/350 Titanic [View all]Austy, Apr 05th 2017, 3 Replies

Rigging colour [View all]Timidtim, Apr 04th 2017, 1 Replies

Cutters and lifeboats question... [View all]Jason, Apr 03rd 2017, 5 Replies

Engine Room catwalks arragement [View all]Karol_W, Apr 03rd 2017, 7 Replies

Ash hoist installation [View all]Ralph Currell, Apr 03rd 2017, 21 Replies

Titanic's Lifejackets... [View all]Matuatay, Apr 01st 2017, 20 Replies

Ken Marschall artwork [View all]BlakeKniffin, Mar 27th 2017, 2 Replies

Surface heater question [View all]Ralph Currell, Mar 26th 2017, 2 Replies

New expedition to the wreck scheduled for 2018 [View all]Matuatay, Mar 25th 2017, 3 Replies

Railing question [View all]ewillia777 (SETUP_GUEST_LABEL), Mar 19th 2017, 9 Replies

1:350 Titanic drydock for free, pickup in NJ only [View all]Art Braunschweiger, Mar 18th 2017, 0 Replies
Britannic Interior [View all]Pete Violette, Mar 17th 2017, 22 Replies

Nomadic kit model in 1/150 scale [View all]Nightstriker, Mar 17th 2017, 0 Replies
Titanic's Bridge Wing Cabs - Minicraft 1/350 - Question to Art [View all]Zenoms, Mar 16th 2017, 3 Replies

Photo etched brass-GMM water tight doors - question for Art [View all]tfritt, Mar 15th 2017, 2 Replies

Axim- Olympic Class design "C" [View all]Axim de Ryme, Mar 15th 2017, 1 Replies

Boiler Room Team-Axim [View all]Axim de Ryme, Mar 14th 2017, 4 Replies

Mauretania bridge top mystery structure [View all]caderchris, Mar 13th 2017, 29 Replies

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