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Minicraft Titanic fittingsproblems [View all]underwater, Aug 21st 2014, 1 Replies

I have to make a choice to buy a book of RMS Mauretania? [View all]leon, Aug 20th 2014, 6 Replies

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1/600 rail sets help needed [View all]Phillip1960, Aug 19th 2014, 2 Replies

A 1/350 Model of 1928 Oceanic-Help? [View all]Britannic-Specialist, Aug 19th 2014, 0 Replies
Triple expansion live [View all]VonHoldinghausen, Aug 17th 2014, 4 Replies

portholes [View all]Stuart T, Aug 15th 2014, 1 Replies

Well deck/mast paint? [View all]ZachtheApathist, Aug 15th 2014, 2 Replies

Visit to Liverpool [View all]monkey95, Aug 13th 2014, 8 Replies

Decking and Riging [View all]Roman, Aug 13th 2014, 2 Replies

1:250 Amati photo etch kit? [View all]wonderer, Aug 11th 2014, 0 Replies
Tips and advice [View all]titanicinfoseeker, Aug 09th 2014, 12 Replies

Britannic Grand Staircase [View all]Britannic-Specialist, Aug 09th 2014, 0 Replies
anyone have 350 minicraft funnels or masts? [View all]bflynn2159, Aug 09th 2014, 0 Replies
titanic 1/144 decks [View all]toujours, Aug 09th 2014, 0 Replies
Where to find un-edited wreck footage???? [View all]bflynn2159, Aug 06th 2014, 3 Replies

Britannic engine plans [View all]Bill West, Aug 06th 2014, 0 Replies
1/144th scale photo-etched riveted shell-plating [View all]Peter Davies-Garner, Aug 06th 2014, 51 Replies

Model of Titanic triple expansion engine/Brown engine [View all]atlantic run, Aug 05th 2014, 0 Replies
What Model is This? [View all]Britannic-Specialist, Aug 04th 2014, 5 Replies

A Anti-Fouling Question. [View all]TitanicLover401, Aug 03rd 2014, 10 Replies

Titanic Gymnasium Roof Collapse (Wreck) [View all]titan1983, Aug 02nd 2014, 8 Replies

Art, where are you? [View all]ElangErlangga, Jul 31st 2014, 19 Replies

Majestic Question [View all]Britannic-Specialist, Jul 28th 2014, 2 Replies

Why We Ask That You Sign Your Posts [View all]bpread, Jul 27th 2014, 6 Replies

Wooden Titanic plans - new modeler [View all]mcallisterem, Jul 26th 2014, 0 Replies
A Britannic Question [View all]TitanicLover401, Jul 25th 2014, 5 Replies

New Minicraft 1/350 Olympic kit [View all]bpread, Jul 25th 2014, 25 Replies

Grand Staircase Placement [View all]Roman, Jul 24th 2014, 2 Replies

Boiler Room devices measurements [View all]Axim de Ryme, Jul 24th 2014, 5 Replies

Mysterie object. [View all]Cyril.Codus, Jul 23rd 2014, 2 Replies

Titanic Paint and Color Reference [View all]Harm, Jul 21st 2014, 2 Replies

Minicraft 1/350 Wing Cab Madness [View all]sgigs12, Jul 21st 2014, 4 Replies

Building Majestic--ex Bismark [View all]Britannic-Specialist, Jul 21st 2014, 14 Replies

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