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Stephan's 1:350 Minicraft Titanic [View all]Terrainguy, Oct 14th 2013, 5 Replies

Titanic triple expansion engine [View all]atlantic run, Oct 07th 2013, 10 Replies

Marcel Johnpulle--Olympic Class Tiles [View all]Marcel Johnpulle, Oct 05th 2013, 8 Replies

re update on handmade from scratch no plans and free scale cruise ship [View all]cruise ship fan, Oct 01st 2013, 0 Replies
hand made from scratch no plans and free scale cruise ship [View all]cruise ship fan, Sep 30th 2013, 0 Replies
S.S. Oriana [View all]Ryan_Newman, Sep 29th 2013, 0 Replies
S.S. Nomadic, 1:350 scale. [View all]titanorac9370, Sep 25th 2013, 1 Replies

Titanic 1:1200 Revell Sinking and Lighted [View all]Bars Projects, Sep 16th 2013, 0 Replies
Axim For Morten Jensen-possible price of my Titanic model [View all]Axim de Ryme, Aug 31st 2013, 2 Replies

RMS Lucania - SS Ivernia 1/400 paper models on sale [View all]Deep Quest, Aug 30th 2013, 2 Replies

Titanic Axim´s models & diorams [View all]Axim de Ryme, Aug 25th 2013, 2 Replies

Markus' 1/144 Papercraft Titanic (in Progress) [View all]markus, Aug 18th 2013, 3 Replies

1:350 photo etch [View all]canaryworf1, Aug 08th 2013, 4 Replies

New guy [View all]Titanic AOOT, Aug 03rd 2013, 1 Replies

Paul's Titanic II (1:144) [View all]genesisdevice, Aug 02nd 2013, 9 Replies

Jim's 68-inch scratch build of Titanic [View all]SwiftIntruder, Jul 20th 2013, 26 Replies

Grant Titanic 1:196 Scale [View all]Cole, Jul 18th 2013, 6 Replies

RMS CelticCeltic in progress [View all]nhbradio, Jul 04th 2013, 7 Replies

Titanic´s WTD Boiler Room 1 scale 1:23 [View all]Axim de Ryme, Jun 26th 2013, 10 Replies

For sale: Gold Medal Models Details sets [View all]thundertt3, Jun 22nd 2013, 1 Replies

Brian's 1/350 Titanic Updates(new thread) [View all]bflynn2159, Jun 06th 2013, 64 Replies

Steve K's Titanic Wreck Model 1/350 [View all]amuskindu, Jun 05th 2013, 16 Replies

Boiler Room telegraph 1:23 [View all]Axim de Ryme, May 25th 2013, 6 Replies

Jason King Scratchbuild Titanic Model - HD Video [View all]Jason King, Apr 27th 2013, 5 Replies

1:200 photo etch parts? Titanic. [View all]Darren1990, Apr 25th 2013, 1 Replies

myTITANIC - all 40" of her! [View all]myTITANIC 2013, Apr 22nd 2013, 5 Replies

William Barney's model of Bollard with artifact rusticle [View all]William B. Barney, Apr 22nd 2013, 4 Replies

William Barney's model of the Pocket Watch [View all]William B. Barney, Apr 22nd 2013, 5 Replies

Axim´s Coal Bunker Bulkhead 1:23 [View all]Axim de Ryme, Apr 21st 2013, 2 Replies

Axim´s Boiler Room 1/23 new pics [View all]Axim de Ryme, Apr 14th 2013, 4 Replies

Dane's old AM 1/350 Titanic [View all]DrUnKeN_MaX, Apr 04th 2013, 26 Replies

1:350 Titanic Minikraft Deluxe - Adolfo Herrero LIGHTS ON part 2 [View all]Dolf1955, Mar 30th 2013, 1 Replies

1:350 Titanic Minikraft Deluxe - Adolfo Herrero LIGHTS ON [View all]Dolf1955, Mar 26th 2013, 0 Replies
ADOLFO HERRERO's Titanic 1/350 Minicraft Deluxe/LIGHTED scale model- Part 8 [View all]Dolf1955, Mar 17th 2013, 9 Replies

RMS Oceanic (1870) 1:400 [View all]genesisdevice, Mar 10th 2013, 3 Replies

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