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Rules and guidelines for using this forum - PLEASE READ FIRST [View all]SeanW, Jul 22nd 2008, 0 Replies
[Sold] - Tom's PE and ScaleDecks wood deck 1/350 [View all]DJR1971, Feb 19th 2018, 0 Replies
Wanted: The Marine Engineer: Vol 15. [View all]Jason, Feb 13th 2018, 2 Replies

Rare book for sale [View all]Art Braunschweiger, Nov 10th 2017, 0 Replies
Wanted: Duane Fowler decals for Academy 1/400 kit [View all]PaddiTyp44, May 22nd 2017, 2 Replies

RMS Celtic (II) For sale [View all]nhbradio, Mar 10th 2017, 1 Replies

Rms republic [View all]singhnick348, Feb 27th 2017, 0 Replies
For sale drawing Piping plan Titanic 401 ! [View all]leon, Feb 15th 2017, 1 Replies

GMM PE 1/350 Lusitania/Titanic [View all]VonHoldinghausen, Feb 04th 2017, 0 Replies
Considering selling my models [View all]ndg1979, Nov 01st 2016, 1 Replies

6 foot model, 50,000 matchsticks, unique history [View all]jlj93byu, Jun 16th 2016, 2 Replies

Wanted: Completed Minicraft 1/350 Titanic Model [View all]cstewart38, May 03rd 2016, 0 Replies
Britannic Gantry Davits - Scale 1:350 [View all]endare, Feb 26th 2016, 4 Replies

Academy Minicraft Original Titanic Painting, Prototype Model and Kit FOR SALE [View all]titaniccollector, Dec 28th 2015, 1 Replies

GMM bow anchor grating [View all]Dave Abate, Dec 17th 2015, 0 Replies
RMS Queen Mary Revell model [View all]Titanicgeek1912, Nov 18th 2015, 1 Replies

Need 1/350 Titanic Lifeboats [View all]Vsailor, Oct 18th 2015, 0 Replies
1/350 Lusitania rudder [View all]medicmike, May 29th 2015, 3 Replies

RMS Aquitania semi-kit (1:144 and 1:350) [View all]genesisdevice, May 16th 2015, 5 Replies

1912 Titanic Wreck Model 1:100 scale For Sale [View all]Jason King, May 02nd 2015, 2 Replies

Museum quality Titanic model for sale [View all]Jason King, Apr 13th 2015, 8 Replies

need a large model in fiberglass [View all]doug, Mar 28th 2015, 2 Replies

Titanic collection for sale [View all]dave1947, Mar 17th 2015, 2 Replies

Any Extra Lusitania Funnels? [View all]BritannicSpecialist, Mar 02nd 2015, 2 Replies

Searching for a 1/350 Minicraft/Academy Titanic PROMENADE DECK WALL LEFT [View all]kkaster1, Mar 01st 2015, 4 Replies

Titanic: Honor and Glory [View all]Bsimon, Feb 23rd 2015, 0 Replies
Looking for Book 'Machinery and Pipe Arrangement on Shipboard', C.C. Pounder [View all]Jason, Feb 22nd 2015, 0 Replies
Amati 1:250 Titanic Issue 63 Bench Sprues [View all]Hilux5972, Feb 21st 2015, 0 Replies
TITANIC Movie Props Collection - For Sale! [View all]CD, Feb 19th 2015, 5 Replies

Duane Fowler 1/400 Titanic Decals for sale [View all]Felix C., Feb 18th 2015, 2 Replies

1:250 Amati photo etch kit? [View all]wonderer, Feb 06th 2015, 1 Replies

Titanic Grand Staircase [View all]Tyler Jackson, Jan 31st 2015, 0 Replies
GoldMedalModels Photo Etch for Minicraft 1/350 Titanic [View all]gleason, Nov 01st 2014, 0 Replies
anyone have 350 minicraft funnels or masts? [View all]bflynn2159, Sep 27th 2014, 4 Replies

Last chance to get scale Stud-Link chain. [View all]Matt OBrien, Aug 30th 2014, 0 Replies

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