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Scott AndrewsTue Mar-13-12 04:30 PM
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#45426, "A Best "Guesstimate""
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Tue Mar-13-12 04:31 PMby Scott Andrews




After some behind-the-scenes discussion, it has been decided to let this topic stand.

Here's what I can tell you on the subject:
According to Stephen Cameron's research for his book "Titanic: Belfast's Own" there were eight fatal accidents directly attributed to Titanic's construction -- six in the shipyard and two in the works. Of these, he was able to identify the following:

Samuel J. Scott, Catch Boy, age 15

John Kelly, Heater boy, age 19

William Clarke, Driller, age 27

James Dobbin, Shipwright, age not specified

Robert James Murphy, Rivet Counter, age not specified

As high as this might sound, this total was considered to be well below the accepted average at that time -- one death per every 100,000 of the contracted price of a vessel. This rather chilling statistic points out just how dangerous a place the shipyards were in an era before safety equipment of any sort was even a consideration.

Scott Andrews
TRMA Trustee


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