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SabresfortheCupThu Apr-19-12 09:08 PM
Member since Apr 17th 2012
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#46152, "Balanced lighting"


First off, allow me to say how incredible I think it was for all of you to compile and graciously share such a plethora of information on how to accuratize and create a high quality model.† The painting guide alone has made an immeasurable impact on the overall appearance of my model.

My question is specifically how to balance light within the model.† Iíve looked through as many lighting threads as I could find, and found plenty of information on lighting the model, but not much about balancing the light.† Iíve ďretro-fittedĒ my model to retain light as much as I could (the decks arenít glued together yet, nor are they in the hull, but the walls are in place), painted the hull white, painted the inside of the walls silver and glued aluminum foil to the undersides of the decks and the bottom of the hull.† Iím currently trying to decide how many CCFLís I need to use and what size/arrangement, and how Iím going to diffuse and distribute the light.† Iím thinking 2x 2Ē CCFLís placed low in the hull with either a white cloth or sheet plastic above it to disperse the light.† It seems like one CCFL would be impossible to achieve a balanced look, but Iím wary of using more than two (or any bigger CCFLís for that matter) because Iíd rather not over-light the model.† I read one such post which described the light in a first class stateroom as 1-2 foot-candles over most of the roomÖ thatís quite dim!† Finally, I was hoping to use a yellow saran wrap or tissue paper to change the hue to something a little warmer.
My end goal isnít necessarily 100% perfect or accurate lighting, I donít think Iím skilled enough to handle the fiber optics in the masts (this is only my third plastic model, and the first one that Iíve used ďproperĒ modeling technique on).† Rather, Iím looking for a nice daylight model with a lit hull and superstructure, and if Iím feeling ambitious, I might try to add fiber optic decklights.

I know that Art and a few others are reluctant to share their methods until they refine them and complete their models, but if anyone has any suggestions I'd greatly appreciate it!


Michael Satanek
Naval Architect


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