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Subject: "How to display the colors missing from the TRMA Paint Reference" This topic is locked.
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Art BraunschweigerMon Jul-21-14 08:18 AM
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#51106, "How to display the colors missing from the TRMA Paint Reference"



Due to a problem with the webpage, some of the color bars are missing for many of the colors in the Paint Reference. As this problem is not likely to be resolved in the near future, here is how to see the color:

1. open up the following web page in a separate browser tab.


2. look up the color you want from the list below at the bottom of this thread. These are the html (hexadecimal) color values corresponding to the missing color bars from the TRMA Paint Reference. In the web page you just opened, enter the color value in the search field at the top of the page or further down where it says "Insert your color code". (Note that the # character is part of the code and has to be included.) Click on Search, Go or hit enter to display the color corresponding to this value.

You do not have to use the web page above, you can search the internet for "html color picker" and use any one of many available.

Color values: You will need to manually enter these into the color picker search field, you cannot copy and paste them in. These colors had to be uploaded as a screen capture since they are code values that could not be entered into the text of this thread without causing web page problems.

NOTE: the number sign (#) is part of the color code and must be included.

Art Braunschweiger
TRMA Trustee

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