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Karol_WWed Feb-15-17 07:56 AM
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#54657, "RE: Titanic Catwalks and auxilary machinery"
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Wed Feb-15-17 08:03 AMby Karol_W


Well, there is a couple of problems here.

1. Plans of Turbine Room does not show the catwalks arragement. So you will need to take a look on photographs of other steamers. You may also take a look on plans of engine room of SS Ceramic, because Ceramic had the same arragement of reciprocating and turbine engines and condensers, but of course smaller. The book about this ship have those plans and this book is available as PDF. They are not of very high resolution, but you should be able to identify the catwalks.

Here you have probably one of the best plans of the engine rooms which you might find online. This pdf do not have cross sections unfortunately.


2. Plan of Reciprocating Engine Room consist the catwalks only on Longitudinal Section and they are going from starting platform to Cylinders covers level. But not all plans of this space have them marked. And BTW: Exact arragement of catwalks in the engine room casing, between cylinders covers level and Boat Deck level is not known, because they are not visible on any plan.

3. Catwalks in boiler rooms: they might cause confusion, because the 'top-down' view does not show most of the catwalks, if any. This might cause porblems with figuring out how those catwalks have been arranged.

4. I'm going to say this as a long-term Minecraft player and a person who attempted to recreate this liner in MC:

1 to 1 scale is not very big. Of course everything depends on how high level of details you want in the model. But once you will take a look on pictures of the engines, you will quickly notice that there is a hell lot of small details, which you will not be able to include, because of scale. I'm working on MC model of Titanic which is 4 times bigger (1 block have an edge of 25 cm lenght in this scale) and i still see problems with recreating some aspects of the ship desing, even in this scale. That's because of the game mechanics.




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