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Karol_WWed Mar-29-17 08:13 AM
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#54844, "RE: Engine Room catwalks arragement"
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Good Morning all.

Well, i see we have officially gone to the Minecraft subject. Ok. So, Tim you wanted to take a look on my work. Now you will have a chance.

At first i want to mark one important thing - this is not a recreation of Titanic Reciprocating Engine Room. It's an Engine Room of my own imagined liner with engine rooms simillar to those on Olympic class liners. Model is in 4:1 scale, so one block in game is a cube with 25cm edge in reality.

1. View of the cylinders covers catwalks looking forward. You can also see a catwalks on cylinders bottom level. They have different arragement then on Titanic, because the aft stairs are connecting to Main Steam Valves platfrom through those catwalks.

2. Aft port side corner with catwalks to Crew Passageway doors. You can see a catwalk for servicing balancing pistons. The strange looking thing next to the cylinders covers are engine indicators. Of course they are a lot bigger than they should be in this scale.

3. Forward port corner looking to center of the room. Stairs leading down, that are on foreground are leading to Upper auxiliary valves platform. Simillar stairs on starboard side are for access to Main Dynamos Exhaust Shut-down valve on top of Surface Heater.

4. Upper auxiliary valves level. The big valve in the background is cross connection to Port Side Main Steam Line.

5. Lower auxiliary valves platform. The structure at the centre of the picture is Heating and Cooking Heater.

6. View of the outboard side of Port Side Engine looking forward. There is a lot of things to see here. At far left you can see Main Feed Water Filters. Aft of them on floor level are 3 pumps: Bilge pump, Mono-type Air pump for drawing condensed water from H&C heater and Ballast pump. You can also see the mid-level catwalks around the engine with stairs and platforms for greasers and a stairs from this level to Port Side Wing floor. There is also a catwalk from starting platform to the Wing. On the celling is a ventilation trunk supplying fresh air to wing.

7. View of the Starting Platform looking aft. There are Main Engine Telegraphs (on both sides) and Single double-sided Emergency Telegraph(on column in the middle). On cylinder column on far right is revolution counter, aft of it are in sequence: forward LP and HP cylinders drains levers, wheel for auxiliary relief valve on port side engine exhaust pipe, lever for port side CockBurn Quick-acting stop valve in Boiler Room 1, levers for emergency starting valves, Main Port side Engine Telegraph, wheel for By-Pass valve, wheel for port side silent blow-off valve (wheel for starboard side valve is in front of starboard engine, in the same location as on Titanic) and wheel for Main Stop valve on HP cylinder side. Right inboard of those last three wheels, above the floor is fresh air supply trunk.

8. View of the Main Bulkhead Stop Valves platform looking aft. There is a cross connection with it's own valve. On engines exhaust elbows are 4 connections. On port side, there are silent blow-off pipe with valve(left) and a valve for auxiliaries relief to condenser through the engine exhuaust (right). On starboard side is Direct Contact Heater air release to starboard condenser (left) and silent blow-off pipe (right).

9. View of Engine Room casing, looking down from the skylight level. Arragement of catwalks in this space is a guesswork. Cylindrical object at the bottom of the picture is Direct Contact Heater cover. At the aft wall of the casing are two fans supplying fresh air to both sides of Starting Platform.

PS: I am fully aware of that from now nobody will ever treat me seriusly. Throught this post i wanted to show that even in a game that is made for kids, you can do quite good recreation of even this kind of spaces. Thanks to this game i could finally convert 2d plans of Titanic Engine Room spaces to 3d model and started to see things that i was not fully aware earlier. I choosed Minecraft, because it is a very simplificated tool for creating simpler 3d models. I could made it in porfessional 3d modeling programs such as Cinema 4d or 3d Studio Max, but my experience in 3d modeling is very limited. I would need to learn how to do such models and also learn how to create textures for the models. MC is simply faster. Of course such model would not survive a competition with high quality 3d model as for example Steve Furry Engine Room model, what i am fully aware of.




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