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Milner62Tue Oct-24-17 08:02 PM
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#55569, "RE: Titanic Plans"
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>The plans you're referring to are those created by Bob Read,
>who is a frequent and respected contributor around here. To
>say he "went out of business" sounds a bit harsh; he has
>elected to stop selling his plans but his site is still quite
>active in hosting his research articles.
>If the Hahn plans aren't to your liking, have you considered
>the colour artwork done by Cyril Codus? I don't know if he
>has a web site but I believe he can be contacted on Facebook.
>Apart from the gentlemen mentioned above I don't know of
>anyone else selling large scale Titanic plans.
> Ralph

I know he choose to stop selling his plans. It does not change that he is no longer in business of selling his plans.

My thing is I am looking for current accurate plans, the Hahn plans Ive seen are outdated as they still show Titanic with a 4 bladed center screw and I have yet to get a email back from him if its been updated. The other problem is I really want the style like TI2 profile view if it is not too big to be framed and hung on a wall. I like how basic and focal the design is. Hahns has fore and aft and top views which I personally think it distracts from the main profile view in the center.

I have how ever been looking for the last few days and haven't found anything. So far it looks like the only company in business selling plans is Hahn which also sells the general arrangement plans that are found in Titanic:SM book.


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