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mauretania1906Tue Dec-19-17 09:05 PM
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#55691, "For You Lusitania Lovers..."
Wed Dec-20-17 11:21 PMby mauretania1906



Hey All,

Been finishing up my Mauretania collection - used to span 1905-1936 but now down to just 1905 - late December 1907, with certain allowances for years before 1914 (things like passenger candids or interiors etc as I'd die of old age waiting for a GOOD 1907 candid of the Lounge or Smoking Room). I realized I needed some representation of her sister Lusitania. This is what I have come up with. Some has been switched out - some MV candids, a cyanotype candid (all hull really), other things.

Below is a unique unpublished 5x7 boat deck candid mounted to the card backing typical of this early period, taken in the summer of 1912. Next to this is a rather large 4.5" (1.5" thick!) box made very carefully of beautifully grained walnut, double brass hinges, "hammered" black metal "galleon style" clasp and the glass (intact!) with a special plaque (attached with hide glue) that I have never seen (and I have handled enough of this stuff to know this wooden treen by smell)...inside this "slab" is a fragment of the hull of R.M.S. Lusitania, perhaps from Shelter Deck from where it was recovered by Oceaneering International in 1982, with a signed detailed photo COA from Authority/Author/Researcher/Lecturer Eric Sauder whose work was seen in Ghosts of The Abyss. This box was made by Hughes Bolckow in 1935/36, perhaps as a presentation peice as no one I know has seen another. Intended to hold a pocketwatch, I felt it was the perfect item in which to entomb this small but potent fragment of her lost sister. I feel it is something John (Maxtone-Graham) would do. If you did not have the pleasure and privilege of visiting him at his brownstone on the West Side, allow me to share: you'd just not believe what was on his walls. A section of eglomise from Normandie he just handed me - he said it had the ability to retain sunlight after sunset. on and on and on again. His office - a tin litho Mauretania cigarette holdler with a handwritten note inside with a 1907 date. A painting of Mauretania (TOWTC?) framed with Olympic wood! Carvings from the many of the great liners decor including a large section from Olympic - a Normandie telephone! ("Pick it up! Listen closely!")...like kids on a couch looking at toys (kids lol - 120 years between us!).
Anyway, the last bit here is a photographic print, not a PC, showing Lusitania and sister Mauretania on October 14th, 1909 at the Canada Basin, Liverpool. Not unique, but pretty scarce.
I hope you enjoy the little collection. Suggestions welcome.

Happy Holidays one and All,

This photo will not upload - tried 10 times. Will post when possible.
Perhaps this:

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For You Lusitania Lovers... [View all] , mauretania1906, Tue Dec-19-17 09:05 PM
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