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NickThu Jan-18-18 09:49 AM
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#55740, "Help with Minicraft Titanic 1:350"


I have been reading this website for some time now but have never posted before. I am truly in awe of the depth of knowledge found here!

I have been having a really hard time painting the hull on the Minicraft 1:350 Titanic. Specifically, getting clean lines between the different portions proved to be a nightmare. No matter what tape I used (and I think I tried them all, from blue delicate surfaces painters tape to post-it notes) I ended up having the paint pulled off the hull when I removed the tape. I had to hold the non-sticky side of the post-it against the hull to get a good, crisp line. I cleaned the hull before applying a primer coat and then the finish coats. I am using Model Master acrylics (Revell for the antifouling) and an airbrush.

Now I am trying the hull stripe and am not sure what to do. Instead of masking, I gave the Minicraft decals a try. I sprayed a clear gloss coat and worked the decals a week later, using the Model Master versions of Microset and Microsol. I am not satisfied with the results and am hoping to get some ideas on where to go next, meaning try again with decals (I have to get a replacement set anyway since some of the other hull decals disintegrated when I tried to apply them) or go some other route. Here are my specific questions:

First, the stripe decals as applied have a shiny, almost semi-gloss appearance. Would that be muted on application of a clear flat coat?

Second, have there been any reports of the stripe decals coming off over time? I imagine the clear flat coat that would go over the decal would protect them, but I do not want to do this again!

Finally, if I do try to remove the decals paint the stripe on, I need to figure out what to do about the gloss coat I already applied. Can I paint on it directly? After sanding with fine grit paper? Do I spray a flat clear coat before painting? Do I need to remove the gloss coat?

I tried the dry transfer method before doing the gloss coat, but they did not adhere properly and flaked off.

If anyone has any other ideas, I am interested. I have searched the forum and think I have considered all the options. I think the decals are still my best bet and painting a rather distant second, given my skill set. If I could get better results masking that would make a great difference, but if even weak post-it glue pulls up the paint I think that will just lead to more frustration.

I should mention that I am not that experienced with modeling. My last model was this very one some 20 years ago. But I am determined and a perfectionist, and am willing to work at this until I get it right. Or until my wife loses her patience with me.

Thank you in advance,
Nick S.


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