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tbj317Wed Feb-01-12 06:59 PM
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#5399, "TJ's 1:1200 & 1:400 papercraft Titanics"


Hello all.

So here are two models that I completed a while ago but never shared on here. The links are to photo albums with zoomable pics (hope this format is cool).

The larger is the 1:400 Schreiber-Bogen second version of the ship (not the "junior" model or the newly-released fancy 4-foot behemoth). It was a moderately challenging build, and much more straightforward and logical than most other S-B kits. There were some pretty glaring problems with the model from a builder's point of view (I'm not a diehard accuracy guy like some of you), so please excuse any flaws or rough edges you see on the model. The roof of the wheelhouse and the rigging are pretty glaring screwups, as is the lack of lifeboat davits, but whatever.


The cranes, benches, and aft docking bridge were all modifications that I came up with.

This model took me about a month of work. I have a feeling that it is not actually 1:400 but a bit larger, as I am currently working on another 1:400 ship that was designed with more accuracy and scale in mind. The two hulls are NOT accurate in proportion to their real life counterparts.

The other model is one that we've seen on here before, but I wanted to share it anyway. This is Currell's 1:1200 model which actually came out about 3/4ths SMALLER when I printed it due to some unintended image resizing! I'm missing lifeboats - I found the ones provided in the model were just too small to assemble to satisfaction at the size that I had printed them. The masts are whittled and painted toothpicks whose angles are HORRIBLY inaccurate. Those angles were just the only clear passages through the various parts of the model and base that I could use without cutting wider holes or damaging/bending the decks.


Still, I'm proud of the precision work on the cranes and the stacks. This kit took about two or three months because I was balancing it with college.

Finally, as a bonus, a few pics of my current progress on a 1:400 waterline Normandie model from JSC in Poland. It doesn't deserve it's own post, but Normandie models seem particularly rare to find online. (Is the Normandie even allowed on this forum?) Great model so far. Ridiculously over-designed interior infrastructure for a papercraft. If it looks a little crooked and bent up, that gets fixed when the hull is attached and fine tuning is performed.




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