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Subject: "A word about copyrighted material" This topic is locked.
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SeanWFri Oct-20-06 05:45 PM
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#45, "A word about copyrighted material"



Hello everyone,

Although we at the TRMA provide an open forum to talk about anything that needs to be talked about within the Titanic / Olympic Class ship realm, we still need to keep this site safe from copyrighted material posted by our members. If you know something you are about to post is copyrighted, we ask that you reframe from doing so. You may link to the original source, but please do not post it directly to the forum. This includes photos and text (but mainly photos). If your unsure if something is copyrighted by another person or company, it's best to just link to the orginal source (URL).

Please note that if you do post copyrighted material (wether it be knowingly or not, it is subject to removel by the TRMA without notice. Although we will make a note of it in the original post it was added to.

Thank you for your corporation. IF you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you,


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