TRMA Titanic Mosaics

The following mosaic was put together using only the photos in our photo archives to commemorate all the information disseminated through our discussion forum. It is composed of over 1,300 images. You can see by the two inserts below that it truly did take many photos to make the final piece. We hope you enjoy this mosaic, and we hope to bring you more in the future.

In order to make sure that everyone can properly veiw the mosaic, we offer it in two different sizes for easier download. It should be noted that in either version, you can still make use of the mouse over effect to see the individual images that make up the full mosaic.

If you have a good connection speed, we recommend the large mosaic file. This file is over 17MB in size. If you would like to see the mosaic in fuller detail than what you see here, you can download the image to your system and open a photo editor to zoom in and out of it at will.

If you prefer a smaller file size to download, use the small mosaic file. This file is under 3MB, but can not be zoomed into as with the above version. Only usable as a mouse over view. Please allow for some load time for each photo as you mouse over it.