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Yard. A term applied to a spar attached at its middle portion to a mast and running athwartship across a vessel as a support for a square sail.

Yard-arm. A term applied to the outer end of a yard.

Yardage. A term applied to the length per unit of weight of ropes and small-stuff.

Yaw. The act of sheering suddenly and uncertainly from a vesselís course. It may be caused by poor steering, by the condition of the sea, or by the characteristics of the vesselís underbody or by any combination of the foregoing.

Yield Point. The maximum tensile stress which may be impressed upon a material without straining same beyond the elastic limit.

Yoke. A frame or bar having its center portion bored and keyed or otherwise constructed for attachment to the rudder stock. The connecting rods from the steering engine or the leads from the steering gear are connected to each end of the yoke for the purpose of turning the rudder.

Yoke Lanyards. Line attached at the extremities of the yoke and extending to the stern sheets for use in steering a small boat.


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