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Dry Transfer Sheet for Yellow Stripe

Its the best thing I've seen to use for that anoying yellow stripe that goes around the ship. These yellow stripes can be bought on sheets of about 20 stripes(of different widths). Thats the problem, you will need only the first few stripes of one sheet. You will then need to buy a second sheet unless you can find a sheet of stripes with all the same thickness.

To put the stripes on, cut out one stripe and tape it one the ship. Use a pencil to rub the stripe on(don't worry about all those little rivets getting in the way), slowly peel of the sheet. There you have it, a very nice yellow stripe. Follow these steps to use the stripes...

1. Find the right dry transfer sheets at your local hobby shop.
Or go here for online ordering

2. Cut out the largest stripes on the sheet. Should be the first 5-7 stripes.

3. Tape the stripe on the model using scotch tape(DO NOT use a stronger tape). Be sure to line the stripe up with the white paint correctly. This will have to be done by eye.

4. Use a soft pencil to rub down the stripe. Rub the entire surface, then carefully peel of the sheet leaving the stripe on the ship.

There you have it. Take a look at these finished photos...

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